The Parish Council meets in the Parish Meeting Room on the last Tuesday of each month

Contact: [email protected]

A new Pastoral Council was initiated and presented to the Parish at 11.30am Mass on 25th January 2015. The members would like to thank you for your warm welcome and for your commitment to helping us to develop the life of the Parish of Our Lady of Victories.

We began by reviewing the needs of the Parish. We examined our Parish Mission Statement and identified key building blocks in it on which to focus our future work.

The three key themes identified were Community, Worship and Missionary.

Community Group

This Group seek your help to build a Community which is empowered to work through small groups across the Parish. They believe that by working together we can join up the Pastoral and Spiritual Needs of the Parish with the experience and talents of parishioners.

Worship Group

The Worship Group questioned how, together we might grow a Church where everyone feels welcome. They also asked what things we could change to help us to better worship as a Community.

Missionary Group

The Missionary Group questioned how we, as a community, could spread the Good News (Mission) to Children, Teens and Young Adults. Also they asked how we can reach out to the sick, elderly, and disadvantaged, some of whom cannot make it to Church regularly.