Transfiguration of the Lord – 6th August


Notes on the Transfiguration: Jesus Christ is a living, divine person
who has accepted a human nature and lived a real human life, and this
revelation is not just a matter of an idea or a feeling, but is a densely
textured fact of history. In Jesus Christ, God enters the events and
circumstances of our lives by becoming a man, and he does so that
humanity might share in the life of God.
This great day celebrates the privileged moment when three of Christ’s
disciples glimpsed Christ’s divine glory. Peter, James, and John saw
Christ for who he really and truly is—not just a prophet, or a
philosopher, or a social activist, or one of many important historical
figures, but God!
God became human in Christ so that humanity could share in the life of
God. This is the great mystery of the Transfiguration unveiled. This is
what the Gospel is all about.